Magnet IEF – Parse and Carve for Hundreds of Artifact Types

The Magnet IEF free 30-day trial is the best way to experience just how easy it is to recover more evidence from smartphones and computers. No payment is required for the trial and you will have access to the full Magnet IEF product functionality for 30 days.

To qualify for the free trial, we ask that you:

  • Work for law enforcement or an organization that conducts digital forensics investigations
  • Enter valid information on the request form
  • Be ready to engage with us during your trial
  • Be able to become a paid customer once you see the results

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FREE Magnet AXIOM 30-Day Trial

Looking for an End-To-End Solution? You should try Magnet AXIOM – our complete digital investigations platform for file system searching and examination, full disk decryption, and to find source data for artifact evidence.

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