Magnet forensics training & certification

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the vast digital forensics landscape, helping you build your expertise, credibility, and knowledge in Magnet Forensics products.

We offer courses in a variety of formats, allowing you to find the method, location, and pace best-suited for you.

Classroom Instructor-Led

Learn directly from our trainers in the classroom.

Virtual Instructor Led

Learn directly from our trainers, wherever you are.

Online Self-Paced

Move at a speed that works for you at times that work for you.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Our in-depth courses allow students to learn new insights and techniques that could make all the difference in their investigations.

Showcase Your Competence

When your word can make or break a case, your credibility is vital. Getting certified displays your competence and expertise with forensics tools to your peers, employers, and external stakeholder communities.

Solve Cases, Faster

Sharing your newly obtained best practices among your team can be hugely beneficial to processing cases more quickly.

Curriculums for All Levels

From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, our courses help students of all levels, using a mix of hands-on and theoretical learning.

Try the Training Annual Pass (TAP)

TAP lets you pay once, but train continuously. For less than the cost of two courses, you can attend any class at any time throughout the following 12 months.

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Which Course is Best for Me?

Magnet Forensics Training covers a wide range of skills and knowledge for students. AX100 is there for those starting in the field, while AX200 will help you interrogate suspect media and understand the findings discovered during a forensic examination.

If you want to drill down to a particular area of interest, we have a course that works for you—whether that’s our AX250, AX300, AX301, AX310, AX320, or AX350 courses.

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Hear From Our Trainees

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“Magnet Training definitely helped me as an investigator. I’m looking in different places now than before I got my Training Annual Pass. Without AXIOM, I wouldn’t have been able to find the evidence I needed in my cases, and Magnet Training helps me to know what AXIOM does and how it does it.”

Detective Constable Andrew McKeane, Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Detective Constable Andrew McKeane
Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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"A lot of the cases I work wind up in federal court that now require a curriculum vitae including training, certifications, and expert testimony. The more that you can put on there gives the case and your testimony credibility.”

Matthew Wingenbach, Special Agent, North Dakota BCI

Matthew Wingenbach
Special Agent
North Dakota BCI

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Become a Magnet Certified Examiner

When your word can make or break a case, your credibility is vital. Without a way to demonstrate your mastery of digital forensics, it can be harder to defend your findings and present them with full confidence.