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Magnet Virtual Summit 2023

Once More Into the Breech: Digital Forensics Court Testimony

It does not matter if you have done the best digital forensic examination and analysis on the planet and have followed all your policies and procedures correctly, if you can’t testify when the case makes its way to a court.

Testifying in court can certainly be a stressful experience for most people, and digital forensic practitioners are no different. But like any skill, testifying can be taught and with the correct training, witnesses can be well prepared to testify in any court—allowing them to be a professional witness.

This presentation will identify the skills and techniques necessary to be an effective witness in court—regardless of the court—whether you are testifying as an investigator or forensic scientist. The presentation will cover:
•The court process
•The role of the witness
•The difference between testifying as an investigator versus a forensic scientist
•Preparing to testify
•Best practices in testifying

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