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Make the Move to AXIOM Cyber

You’re already using and (hopefully) loving AXIOM and how it can help you for your corporate investigations. But do you know about Magnet AXIOM Cyber? It’s our purpose-built DFIR product that leverages AXIOM as its foundation, but then goes beyond with features for corporate examiners like:

  • Covert remote acquisition of target endpoints could be on or off your corporate network
  • Collection from corporate tools like Office 365, G Suite, Slack, and more
  • The ability to run in a cloud environment to support your examiners with a license wherever they are

Join Solutions Consultant, Lynita Hinsch and Sr. Product Manager, Dean Carlson as they demonstrate the added power that AXIOM Cyber has to support you with your corporate investigations and why now might be the right time to make the move to AXIOM Cyber.

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