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Magnet2Go: Building a ‘Windows to Go’ Drive to Support Live and Offline Collections

Time is always of the essence in incident response investigations – that’s why reducing the time to collect and analyze data is crucial. Triage processes and solutions have become an increasingly important part of DFIR toolkits, enabling forensic investigators to understand which endpoints require a deeper analysis to determine the extent of an incident. 

Join Security Forensics Consultant, Doug Metz, to learn how to build your own ‘Windows to Go’ drive to support offline collections with Magnet OUTRIDER and Magnet ACQUIRE, as well free tools for live collections such as Magnet RESPONSE, Magnet DumpIt, and Magnet RAM Capture. Using tools designed for incident response investigations, like Magnet RESPONSE, streamlines your collections and targets data that’s most relevant to IR investigations. The result, a single drive with all the tools you need to capture evidence in the field for both live and dead–box forensics.


After viewing this webinar, you can download a certificate of completion from the event console. 

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