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Magnet REVIEW: Collaborate on Digital Evidence Review from Anywhere

With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of digital data involved in today’s digital forensics investigations, delivering a secure, timely, and effective digital evidence review experience is critical — both for digital forensic examiners in the lab and for the investigators and other stakeholders relying on that evidence to help make their case in court. 

Magnet REVIEW was carefully designed to address the needs of examiners, non-technical reviewers, and other stakeholders, helping them to work together to quickly and easily find the evidence that matters. 

Join Trey Amick, Director of Forensic Consultants, and Jonathan Evans, Senior Product Marketing Manager, to see how Magnet REVIEW can help you accelerate digital evidence review by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration from anywhere, anytime. 


After viewing this webinar, you can download a certificate of completion from the event console. 

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