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Magnet IEF Feature Profile: Examiner & Investigator Modes


    Magnet IEF Report Viewer has two different modes to better meet the needs of our various users:

    Examiner mode:

    • Fully featured Magnet IEF report view with all of the analysis and reporting tools that Magnet IEF users are familiar with
    • Works when the IEF license is connected and registered to your computer

    Investigator mode:

    • Simplified view that allows users to analyze the case without presenting them with too many complex options
    • Works even when the license is disconnected from your computer

    How it works:

    Upon opening a completed case, IEF Report Viewer will check to see if it finds a valid license dongle or key (depending on whether you have a dongle or network based license). If it detects a valid license, Report Viewer will open in Examiner Mode. Without a dongle or license key, users have access to Investigator Mode, meant for non-technical stakeholders needing to review evidence.To determine which mode you are currently operating in, refer to the title bar in IEF Report Viewer:

    Examiner Mode functions with all the features and functionality that Magnet IEF users are used to including bookmarking/tagging, searching/filtering, hex/text views, Timeline, World Map, etc. It will allow you to create portable cases and export data for further analysis or reporting.

    Investigator Mode will look very similar to Examiner Mode but with a simpler, cleaner view. To simplify this mode, we have removed some of the complex, technical features that non-technical users may struggle understand. Features that are excluded from Investigator Mode include:

    • Hex/Text Viewer
    • Histogram
    • Hide “Located At” columns
    • Export option: CSV, Tab-separated, and XML (Excel still available)
    • Merging Cases
    • Create Portable Case

    The introduction of these two separate modes will help better facilitate the sharing of data recovered by Magnet IEF with non-forensic examiners, such as a lead investigator, analyst, attorney, or other stakeholders who might not need to see all of the potential analysis capabilities.

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