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Learnings from Real World Cloud Data Breaches

Cloud-based cyberthreats can come in many different forms: whether from misconfigured firewalls, disgruntled employees, or unsecured cloud storage, each of which pose very serious and significant risk. The phrase, “it’s not if it happens, but when it happens” gets mentioned often within the InfoSec community when data breaches are being discussed. In fact, according to Check Point’s 2020 Cloud Security Report: 75% of enterprises are either very concerned, or extremely concerned about how secure they are in the cloud. Are you one of them?

Join Rick Whittington, Sr. Cloud Security Engineer and Trey Amick, Director of Forensic Consultants in this webinar where we’ll discuss several recent cloud data breaches, how they happened, how they could have been prevented, and how examiners can investigate sources like AWS and Azure with Magnet AXIOM Cyber.

Registration for this webinar has now closed. To view the recorded webinar for this session, please click here.

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