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Magnet Summit 2022

IoT Forensics – Apple Airtag and Crowd Sourced Tracking

Since the release of the device, Apple’s latest IoT (or Internet of Things) product, the Airtag, has been a resounding success both commercially and technologically, but not without its share of issues. Digital Investigators Ben Dalton and Jack Bilski will be presenting a forensic overview of the Airtag exploits via a catalog of documented exploits to protect users from unwanted tracking and spread awareness of potential dangers inherent to the device. Device functionality will be the primary focus, covering user risk inherent to using Apple’s crowdsourced Find My network, in addition to understanding device capabilities enabled via select Apple components. In particular, the coveted U1 Chip, Apple’s latest and greatest chip set in the company’s lineup, will be a major focus during our time. Additional topics include the potential for use in human trafficking, Bluetooth technology, device deconstruction, and means to identify modified Airtags, what they can do, and how to protect yourself.

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