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Introducing Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.0

Magnet AXIOM Cyber 7.0 is now available and with this exciting update we wanted to take a closer look at some of the features that have been introduced in this release. Tune in to hear how Magnet Forensics is continuing to support enterprise DFIR teams and forensic service providers with incident response, eDiscovery, and employee misconduct investigations.

Magnet Forensics’ Chris Cone, Forensic Consultant, will showcase some of the latest features in this major release of AXIOM Cyber, including:

  • Comae Memory Analysis Integration: A new option for memory analysis using the Comae integration for windows memory dumps
  • Shared Agent​s: A new agent option that can call back to multiple instances of AXIOM Cyber within your team, enabling access an endpoint with an existing agent without having to deploy a unique, ad-hoc agent
  • Email Relationship Linking in Load File: When selecting emails or attachments for export you will now have the option to also automatically include the parent and any sibling attachments associated with the communication

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