Mobile Forensics Images – Getting the Right Data

Mobile forensic data acquisitions vary greatly and involve changing dynamics between the device and the data that is present. Join Jessica Hyde of Hexordia as we explore the different methodologies and the evolving relationship between mobile devices and their stored data.

We’ll address two fundamental questions: What types of acquisitions are possible? And what type of data is available to analyze? We will discuss these questions and how they apply in different environments from enterprise to law enforcement.

In this presentation, we’ll dive deep into the distinctive facets of mobile data acquisitions and data insights, from live-stream collection to logical extractions and even full file system extractions facilitated by tools such as Magnet Graykey and Magnet Verakey. We’ll talk about the nuances of each extraction method and the need to consider various approaches in digital investigations based on the data available to determine the best methodology to provide you with essential data to analyze. Jessica will share compelling examples that shed light on when a full file system extraction is indispensable and the data insights that can be derived from this process.

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Jessica Hyde
Founder, Hexordia

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