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Find More Victims, Catch More Suspects: How Creative Technology Partnerships Streamline Child Exploitation Investigations


Please Note: This Webinar is for Law Enforcement Only. 

Building the technology needed for efficient, successful child exploitation investigations is as much a team effort as the investigations themselves.

Many of the technologies used to capture, categorize, and analyze evidentiary pictures and videos complement one another, filling gaps in the investigative toolbox. When organizations can come together to integrate their technologies, however, they can turn the toolbox into a machine, resulting in helping more of those who can’t help themselves.

With the partnership between the nonprofit Child Rescue Coalition and the for-purpose Magnet Forensics, this session will offer a case study into how public-private technology integrations streamline operations and make it faster and easier to obtain, analyze, and share information with critical stakeholders.

This two-part demonstration begins with a hands-on tutorial of the Child Rescue Coalition’s Child Protection System (CPS) which provides proactive intelligence data that helps identify the creators and purveyors of Internet-based child pornography. The demonstration will transition to an overview of how Magnet AXIOM integrates CPS data, improving examiner efficiency and reducing forensic backlog.

Join Forensic Consultant, Trey Amick, and the President of Child Rescue Coalition, Bill Wiltse, to learn more.

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Please note this recording can only be accessed by Law Enforcement. 

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