Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a groundbreaking technology with the potential to revolutionize businesses across all industries. 35% of companies use AI today; according to industry experts. The adoption rate will increase as organizations get familiar with the new paradigm. Among the most impactful applications of AI is Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI); which can generate fresh content; such as images and text; based on provided input. This transformative technology is leaving its mark on diverse sectors; including art; healthcare; entertainment; and marketing.

As the adoption of AI increases; so will the use cases and the implementation for the cybersecurity industry. Organizations must develop a cybersecurity and AI strategy to adapt to the changing attack surface. Attackers are already exploiting weaknesses and leveraging AI to accelerate their attacks. Using AI in cybersecurity capabilities will have productivity gains from foundation models; and generative AI will reduce human bottlenecks in security. The evolution of AI in cybersecurity has begun.

Ervin Daniels
Senior Security Architect, IBM Security
50 Min.

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