Finding Your 1%

What is 1%? Forensic Examiners and Investigators are used to giving 100% of themselves to their examinations and case load. While examiners are quick to share “how to’s”, the stress of the work is not often discussed or acknowledged. Many enjoy immersing themselves in their case load and mission of their work, however it often comes at great sacrifice. Staying late to look through one more device or start one more case processing or try one more method to search for the data (or absence of data) for an examination is all too common. Deadlines, case implications and backlog can influence how not only work time is spent, but also mental energy at home. By dedicating just 1% of the day to something fun, something different, something to step back for just a moment, physical and mental energy can be renewed to continue to embrace work with less burnout and fatigue. Join us as we discuss how you can use your 1%, the importance of regularly scheduled time for your 1% and how to identify times you need to take an unplanned 1%.