Exploring Apps in the Back Country

In 2020 there was a dramatic growth in outdoor activity with millions exploring the great outdoors according to a report from the Outdoor Foundation*. With the increased interest in activity, there was also exponential growth in fitness apps – that helped consumers find trails, parking, weather conditions and much more. As you can imagine, accidents happened, people got lost, went missing and crime occurred. As Investigators and digital forensics analysts, we have a grasp of most fitness applications and their value to the overall crime story. Have we kept up with the top downloads from the App Store and the Google Play store for; mountain biking, trail running, skiing, and other outdoor activities?

This talk will hit the outdoor adventure applications and explore their forensic artifacts just as they allow you to explore this wonderful planet. We will weave together a few real-world examples of how these little-known applications can shed light on what really happened. How fast was a skier going when they lost control and left the marked trail and collided with tree? When did a trail runner quit uploading their runs to one of the popular services, which may not be popular to everyone? Join in and prepare to explore the apps that help you explore!

*Ref: https://outdoorindustry.org/press-release/forthcoming-reports-outdoor-foundation-outdoor-industry-association-provide-unprecedented-insight-trends-outdoor-participation/