Magnet Graykey Labs

Pioneering discoveries in advanced research and exploitation methodologies, we build and enhance technology to ensure continuity of access in mobile forensics.

Delivering results with confidence and humility

Supporting our customers is our mission, and we strive to do so responsibly and ethically. Our research relies not on luck but on deep knowledge of the target. Our drive and desire to be the best sets Graykey Labs apart from the competition.

What makes Graykey Labs unique?


Our people

We are a consortium of convergent thinkers who use unconventional and unexplored approaches to solve customer problems.


Our methodology

Our disciplined approach to problem-solving allows our vulnerability researchers and engineers to turn their ideas into reality, pioneering discoveries in access and exploitation while simultaneously being at the forefront of digital forensics.


Our values

We support our customer’s mission by providing continuous access and extraction support, identifying vulnerabilities and exploits through dedication, perseverance, and informed data-driven decision-making.