Magnet Forensics for Service Providers

You need to work through investigations with efficiency and precision to give your clients the information they need to make the right decisions. Magnet Forensics provides modern DFIR solutions to help you reduce your operating costs and provide your clients with effective and timely results.

Comprehensive Forensic Analysis and Acquisition

A robust DFIR solution that provides quick and efficient results. Acquire and analyze evidence from endpoints, the Cloud, IoT and mobile devices that are on or off your client’s network.  

Remote Collection From Target Endpoints

Perform fast, concurrent scans of remote endpoints and initial analysis. On-demand pricing and cloud processing provide a scalable solution for any investigation. 


Automation for Digital Forensic Tools and Tasks

Complete more investigations faster and get your clients the insights they need sooner by automatically processing evidence from multiple data sources and eliminating manual touchpoints. 


Magnet Forensics Resources for Service Providers

Check out our latest webinars, blogs, whitepapers and Case studies to learn more about how Magnet Forensic solutions can help you streamline your investigations to provide your clients with faster results.