Magnet Forensics for Public Safety

Magnet Forensics solutions help thousands of public safety agencies manage the challenges of today’s digital investigations through an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes and technology.

Magnet Digital

Investigation Suite

Agencies are overwhelmed with an avalanche of digital data, which is only increasing in volume and complexity.

With the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, we are transforming digital investigations with an integrated approach to enable you to automate, manage, and collaborate with increased speed, accuracy, and transparency.


Magnet Digital

Investigation Suite

We’re Here to Help Solve Your Complex Funding Challenges

Check out some of the current grants available to agencies in the United States that can be leveraged to receive funding for digital forensics tools.


Digital Forensics Solutions

Digital investigations today are complex, with potential evidence increasingly spread out over a wide variety of devices, applications, and services.

Magnet AXIOM, our award-winning digital investigation solution, simplifies the recovery, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence from smartphones, computers, other connected devices, and the cloud, providing a better investigative starting point so you can quickly and easily surface the evidence that matters.


Triage Solutions

Time to evidence is critical – examiners and investigators in the field need tools to help them find the information that is key for their case work as quickly as possible.

Magnet OUTRIDER can help you get a head start on examinations, providing real-time intel for interviews and flagging devices for additional analysis.


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