Easily present evidence and case statistics to HR, Legal, and Executive stakeholders.

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Choose AXIOM for your Corporate Investigations

  • Recover data from corporate-issued devices and cloud services.

  • Visualize relationships between employees and key evidence to prove intent.

  • Quickly find the most relevant artifact evidence and use that as a starting point.

  • Simplify and expedite memory analysis with Volatility.

  • Access employee accounts with administrator credentials.

  • Easily present evidence to HR and Legal stakeholders.

The Data You Need

Get Data from Corporate Devices & the Cloud​

AXIOM is the only platform that captures and analyzes computer, cloud, tablet & mobile data ensuring that no evidence is missed​. Plus, you get easy access to cloud accounts by utilizing administrator credentials, integrated Volatility for memory analysis and decryption of BitLocker and McAfee drives with Passware.

Webinar: Tech for Stronger Cases

A Better Investigative Starting Point​

Determine the best place to start your investigation by reviewing evidence in the Artifacts Explorer​, which will summarize recovered evidence like emails, documents, chat history & photos. From there, present and analyze data in a way that best suits the evidence​ for HR, Legal, and Executive stakeholders.

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Find and Review More Corporate Evidence

Preserve valuable metadata like timestamps, review user activities in audit logs, and identify when sites and documents were opened with access logs. This type of evidence helps to determine if actions were completed willfully or if user credentials were compromised.

Webinar: How to conduct an Office 365 investigation

Magnet Forensics is There for Your Company

Teams around the world depend on Magnet Forensics to be there for them when they need to solve some of their most important cases.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our customers are doing important work and we’re committed to be there for them whenever possible to help.

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Technology moves fast both within and outside of an organization. Our monthly updates mean we’re keeping up with the latest apps and software updates.

Hit The Ground Running


Magnet AXIOM makes it easy to recover and review evidence from all of your corporate devices and cloud services in a single tool.

Tools for Corporations

The Complete Digital Investigation Platform.

Recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images — making sure no evidence is missed.

  • – Provides a better investigative starting point
  • – Find key evidence quickly
  • – Visualize connections between files, users, and devices
Product Atlas

A case management solution that brings together all of the pieces of the case. Not just the evidence, but the lab resources, examination procedures, and results too – all ensuring that the chain of custody remains intact and that all investigations can be reviewed.

  • – Maintain the Chain of Custody
  • – Manage and Track Cases
  • – Improve Reporting Capabilities
Case Study Background

“AXIOM is our go-to solution for looking at evidence quickly and effectively. The software is quick, effective, and consistently improving to better meet the needs of investigators. With a recent case, AXIOM was able to quickly show us artifacts that allowed us to present to HR and Legal quickly to change the scope of the investigation. This change in scope allowed us to get a jump on the case in a direction that we may not have seen as quickly as we did. This allowed us to save the company a huge amount of money in litigation costs.”

Robert Dare, Manager, Digital Forensics
Siemens AG