The work we do at Magnet Forensics empowers people to uncover the truth.

We are a group of innovators who passionately believe in the importance of the work we do and its ability to make a difference in everyday lives.

It’s hard to beat the feeling when you’ve helped protect the innocent. Every crime can have an element of digital information attached to it. Finding data and information on a smartphone or computer can lead to an arrest or an exoneration.

Magnet Forensics software empowers our customers to get to the truth. This fuels everything we do. It makes us push boundaries and use technology to help people find the evidence – quickly and simply.

We think beyond ourselves, and we work hard to create trust with our customers all over the world. There’s still a lot to do. You’ll be joining us at an exciting part of the company’s history as we continue to grow globally.

We use Magnet Forensics products on every case we have. No matter the type of case. We used Magnet to help put forward evidence in a homicide case that showed the suspect’s computer was used to research how to build a silencer for a pistol…although other tools found this evidence, they didn’t recover the level of detail that Magnet did.

David Causey, Digital Forensic Investigator, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office


A Career That Stands Apart

Magnet Forensics employees know their work makes a difference in the world every day. No matter what role you play, you have an opportunity to help make the world a better place. At Magnet Forensics, we build technology that will help forensics professionals deal with issues that impact justice.

A Fascinating Field to Explore

We live in a world where smartphones, computers, and tablets are used regularly in criminal activity. And it’s not slowing down. Our team is always thinking ahead, looking at the latest trends in forensics and understanding criminal behavior to offer the best solutions.

A Career That Will Evolve

We’re a fast-growing company and we want you to grow with us. Magnet Forensics is a great place to do fulfilling work and be rewarded as you grow in your career.

A Team That’s Second to None

You are not a number at Magnet Forensics. Every Magneteer has a voice and everyone is a part of a fun-filled, trusting, and selfless group. Whether your successes are work-related or a major life event, we all come together to make it special.

A Great Compensation Package

Hard work is rewarded and we find opportunities to celebrate with each other. Our competitive compensation packages go beyond salary, with excellent vacation, corporate events, volunteer opportunities, and more.

A Strong Leadership Team

Leadership is something we take seriously at Magnet Forensics. From top to bottom, everyone rolls up their sleeves and gets involved in making this company great. Each leader trusts their team – we succeed together and we have fun doing it!


If you don't see a role that fits your skill set, don't let that stop you. Reach out to us at — we're always looking for smart, motivated people to join our team.

And check back often. We’re growing fast and we’ll be posting new jobs frequently.

I utilized Magnet to examine a physical extraction from a Samsung cell phone. I was able to locate in excess of 160,000 files of previously undetected child pornography.

Brandon King, Digital Forensic Examiner, The City of Jonesboro Police Department

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