Thousands of forensics professionals around the world in law enforcement, corporate organizations and government use our software to fight crime, prevent fraud and protect us as a society. This is why we're proud of what we do at Magnet Forensics.

We hire people who live passionate lives, and want to bring that passion to their daily work. Every employee matters and we work hard to maintain a positive environment.

We enjoy coming into the office every day to collaborate with smart, motivated peers. We also take time to pat ourselves on the back, and celebrate our successes.

The Magnet Culture

We're a close-knit team of introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains, all working hard to make a difference - and we're growing fast.

Why Work at Magnet Forensics

The Technology

We're modernizing policing and crime prevention in a connected age. Our world-class engineers are changing the face of digital forensics at the intersection of devices and their digital bread crumbs.

The Compensation Package

We work hard, and we're paid well. The benefits are good too, from dental coverage to physical fitness subsidies. It's all part of a great package.

The People

We're a close-knit team who come together to build, market and sell digital forensics software products that help our customers get to the truth. We're highly motivated to push boundaries in our industry, and we're proud of what we do.

The Environment

Whether it's collaborating on projects, white boarding innovative ideas, or taking a quick break to play a competitive game of ping pong, we enjoy the time we spend together in the office.

The Difference

Thousands of forensic professionals around the world use our software to fight crime, prevent fraud and protect us as a society. What we do makes a real difference in the world, and that is what drives us.

Proud to be recognized by Deloitte as One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America and Canada.