New Features

Uber Acquisition, Timestamps in Google Search URLs, and Updated Artifacts in Magnet AXIOM 3.10!

Magnet AXIOM 3.10 is now available to download within AXIOM or over at Customer Portal. AXIOM 3.10 allows you to acquire from Uber, get new timestamps in Google search URLs, as well get more than 20 updated artifacts.

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Acquisition from Uber

Uber is a perfect example of the recent trend among apps to have more and more data stored on the Cloud versus devices themselves.

When dealing with a consenting individual that has access to their phone, you can now acquire their cloud Uber data using Magnet AXIOM 3.10— including details of each trip the user has taken using Uber (such as start and end addresses, times, and coordinates.) This can be helpful to place the user at a specific location at a given time.  ​

Timestamps in Google Search URLs

Building on AXIOM’s strong support for examining search history, you can now get even more information from Google search histories. ​

Two new evidence items can be analyzed in Magnet AXIOM 3.10:​

  • Previous Page Load Date/Time (sxsrf= value): this timestamp reflects the time when the page ( was loaded prior to the actual search was conducted ​
  • Page Load Date/Time (ved= value): this timestamp reflects the time when the actual search was conducted​

This timestamped data is in the Google search URL itself and can help you draw conclusions about how a user’s browsing habits.

Learn more in this how-to from Jamie McQuaid.

Passware Updates Improving McAfee Encryption

We’ve updated our Passware integration, which included minor improvements to supporting McAfee encryption. Passware (and therefore AXIOM) now supports up to version 7.2.2.x of McAfee.

With AXIOM 3.10, mounted drives are now scanned properly and passed to Passware accordingly and returned decrypted​.

Additionally, we’ve also updated AXIOM to allow for editing column filters in Examine.

Artifact Updates

  • Google Searches (macOS/Windows)
  • Videos (macOS/Windows)
  • Adium (Windows)
  • Dropbox (Windows)
  • Shim Cache (Windows)
  • Skype (macOS/Windows)
  • Windows Mail (Windows)
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (Windows)
  • Significant Locations (iOS)
  • Signal (iOS)
  • Messenger (iOS)
  • Instagram (iOS)
  • Tinder (iOS)
  • Pinterest (iOS)
  • VK (iOS/Android)
  • Twitter (iOS)
  • GroupMe (Android)
  • Tumblr (Android)
  • Google Maps (Android)
  • Device Information (Android)
  • Wallet Transactions (iOS)

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