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Three New Magnet Training Certifications Available to Demonstrate Your Expertise

One of the many exciting things we unveiled at Magnet Summit 2022 was the introduction of three brand new free certification programs—giving you an opportunity to showcase your expert-level competence with Magnet Forensics products to peers, internal stakeholders and external audiences, including legal teams or clients.

When your word can make or break a case, your credibility is vital. Without a way to demonstrate your mastery of digital forensics, it can be harder to defend your findings and present them with full confidence.

Some of the benefits of Magnet Forensics certification include:

  • Credibility to peers, employers, and external stakeholder communities
  • An authenticated voice in courtroom and investigation proceedings
  • A verifiable accreditation for employment
  • A path for establishing and maintaining a credible skill set
  • Our certification program is free to users who have completed the prerequisite training course

Learn more about the new certifications in macOS, Cloud, and DVR examinations below. Plus, learn more about why certification can be crucial in helping to bolster your credibility when presenting evidence.

Find out more about Magnet Forensics Training & Certification here.

New Certifications Introduced

Magnet Certified macOS Examiner (MCME)

Prerequisite: Must have attended Magnet AXIOM macOS Examinations (AX350).

Magnet Certified Cloud Examiner (MCCE)

Prerequisite: Must have attended Magnet AXIOM Internet & Cloud Investigations (AX320).

Magnet Certified Video Examiner (MCVE)

Prerequisite: Must have attended the Digital Video Investigations with DVR Examiner (DV200), CERA, or VERA courses.

Areas of Certification to Focus on and Why They’re Valuable

There are numerous certifications available for examiners, and while you should strive to show your expertise in as many as you like, there are a few areas to focus on:

Your Primary Tool

A combination of Magnet AXIOM and DVR examiner give you the capability of collecting, processing, and examining computers, mobile, cloud data, as well as media storage devices, RAM and video. Being certified in the tool you use indicates to employers and courts that you have been certified by as an expert in the field of DFIR to conduct forensic exams. Having a certification in an artifact-first tool and forensic methodology will ensure you do not miss evidence. It will also ensure when you are in court you are recognized as a forensic expert.

An Investigative Focus

With certifications like MCCE and MCME, you can demonstrate skills in specific (and perhaps non-standard) fields, like macOS and cloud investigations—showing you are competent in the sourcing and parsing of data using non-standard sources.

With macOS being a different operating system than most forensic examiners are used to dealing with, it is important to understand the differences in this platform from other operating systems. The MCME certification shows competency with our tool on a platform that most examiners are often not using day in and day out. And with regards to MCCE, while there are numerous “cloud” certifications, they usually focus more on the technology and the singular platform they cover. MCCE covers multiple platforms and shows that an examiner has the knowledge, skill, and competency to both acquire and analyze data from multiple platforms using a variety of techniques.

Start the Certification Process Today!

If you’re looking to showcase your expertise in Mac, Cloud, or DVR investigations, head over to the Magnet Forensics Training site to register for certification. Certification is free, provided you’ve completed the perquisite courses.

Need to take a prerequisite class in-person or online? Find a class that works for you.

And remember, you can take multiple class for a low price by purchasing a Training Annual Pass (TAP)! Learn more about it here.

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