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Thank You for an Unbelievable Magnet Virtual Summit!

To our valued DFIR community,

Thank You.

Thank you for working night and day to provide a safer place for all of us to live and work.

Thank you for doing that work while juggling the enormous challenge of a global pandemic.

And, on behalf of everyone at Magnet Forensics, thank you for letting us be there with and for you.

On May 4, we kicked off the Magnet Virtual Summit (MVS). We weren’t sure what to expect but we knew, more than ever, we wanted to stay socially close to the community while having to be physically distant. We also knew that we had so many amazing industry speakers with valuable content to share, despite having to cancel our Magnet User Summits.

As May draws to an end, MVS is officially wrapping up and we want to express our sincere gratitude for making it a success.

So, THANK YOU to every one of YOU!

The thousands of you around the world! You participated and contributed and we were truly blown away and humbled by the tremendous response. With the hundreds of questions, emails, social chats, messages, posts, etc. throughout May, we felt so connected to so many of you. It motivated our team beyond measure and helped us collect so many great ideas and learnings to better serve you. With so much going on, and so much added responsibility to your day, we are truly grateful that you took added time for us.

We’d like to acknowledge some individuals and groups who volunteered their time to MVS:

All of Our Phenomenal Speakers

If you want to catch up on recordings of their sessions, head over to the Magnet Forensics Resource Center.

The Forensic Lunch Team

Thank you to David Cowen and Matthew Seyer for another great broadcast!

The DFIRFit Team

Brian Moran and Kathryn Hedley and everyone who made a donation and shared a motivational pic!

The CTF Team

Jessica Hyde, Jack Farley, Jordan Kimball, and Garrett Mahoney — It was our biggest CTF ever, with hundreds of people participating around the world, in multiple time zones! Big shout out to David Cowen and Matthew Seyer, Brian Moran, Jad Saliba, Lee Whitfield and David from Dual Core for the live CTF commentary (we hope you have recovered!) and to Sans Forensics and Champlain College Digital Forensics Association for donating prizes!

The Digital Forensics Discord Server Team

Especially Andrew Rathbun. All the live chat during and after the presentations made it feel like we were all in a conference room together.

26 days, thousands of participants, 48 presentations, 55 speakers, 4 Social Hour hangouts, and one very grateful TEAM MAGNET!!!

Please continue to stay safe and stay healthy. We know that as we all start to slowly transition back to our offices, labs and a “new normal”, many challenging and complicated times are still ahead. We hope you’ll continue to put your loved ones first and know that we are here when you need us.

Thanks for all your continued support,


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