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Support the Latest iOS and Android Devices with Magnet AXIOM 4.7 & Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.7

Magnet AXIOM 4.7 and Magnet AXIOM Cyber 4.7 are now available—upgrade today in-product or over at the Customer Portal.

With AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.7, we’re helping ensure you can support the latest iOS and Android devices with iOS14 Quick Imaging and updated artifacts for Android 11.

Find out more about these new features, along with new and updated artifact support below.

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New in AXIOM & AXIOM Cyber: Support the Latest iOS and Android Devices

We know that the ability to support the latest and greatest mobile devices and operating systems is critical in your investigations. With AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.7, we’ve updated our support for both iOS and Android to so you can be confident you’re getting the most evidence from you mobile sources.

With our previous release, we updated our iOS artifacts to support iOS14. AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.7 now include iOS14 Quick Imaging, helping get you as much information as possible from new and upgraded Apple devices, as quickly as possible, so that you can start examining the evidence right away.

Following up on our support for Android 11 Quick Imaging in AXIOM and AXIOM Cyber 4.6, we’ve also updated our full complement of artifacts to support devices running Android 11, including a new artifact for Android Motion Photos.

For more on our latest mobile updates, check out our blog.

And for a great rundown of iOS vs Android artifacts, you can watch our recent webinar from Jessica Hyde and Chris Vance here: Mobile Artifact Comparison – Understanding the Similarities Between iOS and Android Data

Other New Enhancements in Magnet AXIOM & Magnet AXIOM Cyber

  • Improved Export of O365 and Gmail to PST​
  • Enhancements to Mega.NZ acquisition​

New Artifacts

  • Event Logs – User Events (Windows)
  • Google Photos Album (iOS)
  • Google Photos Media (iOS)
  • Motion Photos (Android)

Artifact Updates

  • AirDrop Outgoing Transfers (iOS) ​
  • Aloha Browser (Android)​
  • Device Information (Android)​
  • Discord Messages (Android)​
  • Dropbox (Windows)​
  • EML(X) Files (Windows)​
  • Event Logs (Windows)​
  • Facebook Messages (Android & iOS)
  • Houseparty (Android & iOS)​
  • iMessage Messages (MacOS)​
  • Instagram Messages (Android & iOS)
  • Internet Explorer Daily History (Windows)​
  • QuickLook Thumbnails (MacOS)​
  • Rebuilt Desktop (macOS)​
  • Reddit (Android)
  • Shellbags (Windows)
  • Signal Local User (Android)
  • Signal Group Members (Android)
  • Signal Messages (Android)
  • Snapchat Chat Messages (Android)
  • Snapchat Group Members (Android)
  • TextMe (Android)​
  • Uber Cached Locations (Android)​
  • Usage History (Android)​
  • Wickr (Android)​

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