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Stream_db_I_e4 Filesystem Support Now Available in DVR Examiner 3.1.5

We are proud to announce support for Stream_db_I_e4 and many other updates in DVR Examiner 3.1.5!

Download the latest version within DVR Examiner.

With DVR Examiner 3.1.5, we have now added support for a new filesystem, updates to the user interface, and addressed a few key bugs.

Check out the release notes over at the customer portal.

Make DVR Examiner your go to solution to recover and review video and metadata from DVRs today.  

New Filesystems & Features

  • Support added for Stream_db_I_e4, a variant within the Stream family of filesystems.

Sign Up for “Format Matters: DD Outperform E01s for DVR Hard Drives” Webinar

Join Jimmy Schroering, Director, Video Forensics Technology, for the upcoming webinar: “Format Matters: DD Outperform E01s for DVR Hard Drives”, as he discusses the benefits of the DD image format for DVR analysis. Sign up for the webinar over at the resource center.

Additional Highlights from this release include:

  • Addressed an issue exporting certain clips in AVI format from PSF filesystem (Bug 11051, 16634)
  • Addressed an issue with detection of Stream filesystems causing issues with preview and export of certain clips (Bug 11636)
  • Addressed an issue in exporting in native format and subsequent reporting for DHFS_41 filesystems (Bug 16602, 16633)
  • Addressed an issue in RSF4_L filesystem causing program to crash when attempting to export a large number of clips (Bug 16639)
  • Addressed an issue in HIK filesystems preventing certain clips from being returned in inaccessible scan (Bug 16642, 17317)

For a detailed list of new features, bug fixes, and known issues, check out the Release Notes available in your Customer Portal. Stay tuned for our next release in the coming weeks, which will include support for an additional filesystem along with other updates!

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