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Review and Tagging in Magnet Axiom & Magnet Review

As digital evidence becomes increasingly complex, a collaborative, centralized approach to evidence review is a critical component of modern digital forensics labs—both within the lab and outside of it. Since there are typically many stakeholders involved at various points in a digital investigation, the new paradigm for managing digital evidence must fuel greater collaboration at all levels.

With tools like Magnet Axiom and Magnet Review, we’re enabling collaboration for investigators to collect, analyze, and report on digital evidence from a wide range of sources, and securely share cases, evidence, and surface valuable insights with technical and non-technical stakeholders, regardless of their location.

Review is optimized to ingest data from Axiom, allowing users to easily customize what evidence fields non-technical Review users are seeing. By utilizing the processing and analytics power of Axiom, users can easily import computer, mobile, and cloud evidence into Review with just a few clicks.

With Magnet Review, investigators and prosecutors can work together on cases in real time, sharing notes, comments, and marking items for further investigation. This allows for a more efficient investigation, as investigators can quickly identify new leads and evidence, without having to wait for other team members to finish their analysis. 

A New Feature for Review & Axiom: Tag Syncing

With the launch of Axiom 7.0, we’re excited to introduce a new feature to continue making collaboration easier and more efficient across our products: tag syncing from Axiom to Review.

In Axiom during the pre-review process, if an examiner wants to manually highlight artifacts with tags or comments, these important insights can now be carried over to the investigator in Review. Tags automatically added in Axiom can contain valuable insights that investigators may want to leverage in Review. By enabling non-technical investigators to review their own case evidence—in real time—in an accurate and forensically sound manner, you can reduce the burden on your digital forensics team while increasing the quality of investigations and reducing costs.

We understand how important securely sharing information to different stakeholders during a digital investigation is. This is why we’re building a feature in Review that will allow tag syncing from Review back to Axiom. Keep an eye out for future Axiom and Review launches!

Learn more about Magnet Review 5.0 here and learn more about what’s new in Axiom 7.0.

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