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Ramping up digital media investigations: T3K.AI CORE soon available in Magnet Griffeye products 

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news for law enforcement professionals!  

Magnet Forensics has partnered with T3K.AI, an innovator in artificial intelligence technology, to empower law enforcement agencies and investigators worldwide with cutting-edge tools for their digital media investigations. 

Available in the Magnet Griffeye digital media platform 

At the heart of this partnership lies T3K.AI’s pioneering AI technology, CORE (Content Review Engine), which will be integrated with the entire Magnet Griffeye suite of products, including Magnet Griffeye (Advanced), Magnet Griffeye Operations, and Magnet Griffeye Enterprise.  

CORE will enhance the platform by providing advanced media analysis capabilities, improving the existing image and video analysis features within the Magnet Griffeye products. Through the utilization of cutting-edge machine learning, CORE enables efficient and comprehensive data screening at scale, thereby enhancing the investigative capabilities of the platform. 

Media screening made easy: Detect key details in large media sets for various use cases 

CORE effortlessly categorizes media into a variety of detection classes, aiding in the identification of various content types such as extremism content/terrorism, narcotics, weapons, CSAM, military content, violence, ID documents, vehicles, and more. Integrated to the Magnet Griffeye products, this means investigators will have an extended toolbox for automating their work, helping to detect and prioritize critical content faster for a variety of use cases such as counter-terrorism, war crimes, and child sexual abuse cases.   

“We are excited to partner with T3K.AI to integrate their innovative AI technology into the Magnet Griffeye platform,” said Johann Hofmann, VP Griffeye Product and Strategic Development at Magnet Forensics. “This collaboration represents a significant stride in our mission to provide law enforcement agencies with the best-available tools to combat crimes effectively – for all types of use cases involving large amounts of images and videos”. 

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Magnet Forensics to integrate CORE into the Magnet Griffeye ecosystem of tools,” said Felix Klier, Founder & CEO, T3K.AI. “Together, we aim to revolutionize digital media investigations and empower investigators with a broad set of media classifications and some of the latest and greatest in AI media screening. We’re excited to additionally enable Magnet Griffeye customers’ work in a multitude of case types.” 

CORE will be available as an add-on to Magnet Griffeye (Advanced), Magnet Griffeye Operations and Magnet Griffeye Enterprise. 

Learn More About Magnet Griffeye products and T3K.AI  

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About T3K.AI:

T3K.AI provides cutting-edge AI solutions, aimed at supporting investigators and content moderators in their media screening efforts to detect illegal and harmful contents. 

Features include media classification, pattern recognition, age and gender estimation, text2image and image2image search – as well as customer- or case-specific classifiers. 

For more information about T3K.AI, please visit

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