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Updated: Magnet Forensics to Launch New Digital Investigation Platform

UPDATE: Hi everyone. It’s Jamie McQuaid from the Magnet Forensics team. We just wrapped up the week at the National ICAC conference in Atlanta where we hosted a pre-launch event announcing Magnet AXIOM. It was a busy week for us here at Magnet Forensics, as you can guess, but here’s a bit more about the pre-launch event and the feedback people gave me on AXIOM.

The event started with a presentation by Jad Saliba, our founder and CTO, and Geoff MacGillivray, VP of Product Management. They both introduced AXIOM and gave a quick demo of the new features and capabilities of the investigative platform. We then opened up some demo pods in the next room so attendees could get a closer look and ask any questions they might have.

I had great chats with people from various agencies, discussing the current challenges ICAC examiners and investigators are facing and what we can do to help. They were happy to see that AXIOM addresses a number of their key challenges. I also noticed that people appreciated that AXIOM builds on the simplicity and power of Magnet IEF, and offers a sense of familiarity

That was great for the whole team to hear, as many of the features were added as a direct result of customer feedback and what people wanted to see in the evolution of IEF. We were happy to have the chance to connect in person with many of our customers, and we’re looking forward to taking AXIOM on the road with our new Magnet User Summit 2016 Series. Hope to see you there.

End Update

Some exciting news from the Magnet Forensics team! Later this spring, we will launch Magnet AXIOM, our new digital investigation platform, with the processing power of Magnet IEF. AXIOM builds on IEF, which is well-known and well-respected for its ability to parse and carve for hundreds of artifact types.

AXIOM also includes Magnet ACQUIRE, our tool for simple acquisition of computer or smartphone images.  We have built on the strong foundation of ACQUIRE and IEF, adding a new layer of analysis tools that will enable examiners to seamlessly acquire, analyze and share digital forensics artifacts from computers, smartphones and tablets.

Magnet Forensics tools are trusted and used by more than 3,000 agencies in 92 countries to assist in their investigations. One of the requests we heard the most from customers was to add file system and registry access to IEF and make it a more complete tool. We did just that. AXIOM includes an Artifact Explorer (built on IEF), a File System Explorer and a Registry Explorer for examiners who want to look at data in the artifacts or at the source.

Our new end-to-end forensics solution is designed to make some of the complex tasks easier, freeing up time for deeper analysis.

  • Find more evidence – AXIOM’s Evidence Analyzer is built on the analysis capabilities of IEF, allowing you to recover hundreds of types of digital forensic artifacts, finding evidence you didn’t know was there.
  • Dive deeper into the data – With AXIOM, you can examine file systems and registries and drill down into artifact data. Source Linking enables you to trace artifact evidence back to its source data in seconds.
  • Work smarter – AXIOM’s Single Stage Evidence Processing automates all the acquisition and processing tasks required to prepare evidence for analysis for single devices or multiple devices in a queue. Spend less time executing basic processing tasks and more time analyzing the evidence.
  • A simpler way – The work you do is complex enough. AXIOM boasts a new easy-to-use interface that moves you through your investigation, helping you find evidence more intuitively.

For more information on AXIOM, read the press release or visit our AXIOM page and sign up to receive updates.

For a hands-on demo of Magnet AXIOM, register for a Magnet User Summit 2016 Series event today.

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