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Magnet AXIOM 1.2.6 Brings Cloud Improvements and Support for Google Hangouts

The latest version of Magnet AXIOM is ready for customers to download either at the Customer Portal or when you open AXIOM. Magnet AXIOM 1.2.6 brings improvements to Cloud acquisition — including support for Google Hangouts — as well as an update to our Passware integration that uses a password dictionary list to attempt to decrypt any supported encrypted device and other reporting updates.

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Improvements to Magnet AXIOM Cloud

In addition to AXIOM 1.2.6 now allowing you to acquire data from Google Hangouts using AXIOM Cloud, you can now also load previously generated cloud image acquisitions for analysis. Now you don’t have to delay processing and analyzing mobile and computer evidence while waiting for a cloud acquisition to complete.

Full Disk Decryption Using a Generated Password List

Thanks to our integration of Passware, we’ve included the ability to analyze content from drives running various types of encryption software (such as BitLocker, TrueCrypt and PGP). In 1.2.6, we’ve brought the ability to use a password dictionary list to attempt to decrypt any supported encrypted device. This, combined with wordlists created by using the AXIOM Wordlist Generator, will attempt to unlock a device by using possible common passwords when the password is not known.

Updated Reporting on Filesystem and Artifact Explorers

Finally, after updating to 1.2.6, you’ll be able to export a single report with tagged items from both the filesystem AND artifacts explorers — saving time by reporting the same way you go through the evidence.

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