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Generating A Load File for eDiscovery Partners Using Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Did you know Magnet AXIOM Cyber has the ability to generate a load file, which forensic examiners can then share with eDiscovery teams for use in their tools such as Relativity or Concordance?

Corporate forensic examiners have a seemingly endless list of tasks and responsibilities. Often one of those extra-curricular tasks is to perform collections that support eDiscovery. Using Magnet AXIOM Cyber day-in and day-out builds familiarity and proficiency with the tool, so it’s only natural that examiners would want a way use AXIOM Cyber to generate a load file that could be imported into an eDiscovery platform. 

Watch this video to see for yourself how easy it is to generate a load file within AXIOM Cyber. 

Load files generated by AXIOM Cyber include: 

  • A plain text delimited file with a .dat extension in the Concordance / Relativity format containing metadata for the included artifacts 
  • Folders with accompanying natives and text including: 
  • MSG file for email 
  • HTML chat threads for chat messages from Slack or other chat-based communication services 
  • Original files for documents, media, and other file-based artifacts 

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