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How You Can Nominate Magnet Forensics in the Forensic 4:cast Awards

We can’t wait to take part in this year’s Forensic 4:cast Awards! Nominations are now open, until May 14, and you can submit your nominations here.

These awards are nominated and voted on by the DFIR community, and because of this, it means so much for us to be recognized for helping with the important work you do.

We’ve been honored to win Forensic 4:cast awards for the past eight consecutive years and we hope we can rely on your votes again this year. But first, we need your help to submit nominations for this year’s awards!

Here’s a list to help you along the way:

DFIR Team of the Year

Magnet Forensics

Seek Justice. Protect the Innocent. This is our mission and all of our employees around the world are united in helping our customers with the pursuit of justice. Whether it’s through a relentless focus on product innovation, hosting events that promote new skills and knowledge sharing, or friendly technical support that helps to remove roadblocks, we work hard to be a true partner to our customers and the DFIR community.

We have also strived to make a positive impact. Whether that’s for examiners working in CSAM investigations through our Officer Wellness features in AXIOM or using The Auxtera Project to help organizations in need — improving their access to justice by donating digital forensics tools and connecting volunteered technical services.

We are truly thankful for the recognition of Team and Organization of the Year that you have honored us with in the past and appreciate your continued support – it means so much to our developer team and our entire organization. 

DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year

Magnet AXIOM

Since its launch in 2016, we have been dedicated to continuously expanding the benefits of Magnet AXIOM with feature rich and artifact-packed monthly releases. AXIOM’s unique ability to recover and analyze evidence from multiple sources, including computer, cloud and mobile, in one case file, has made it the tool of choice for thousands of labs and organizations around the world.

We genuinely love hearing the stories of how Magnet AXIOM has helped with your DFIR investigations and are profoundly appreciative that Forensic 4:cast voters have recognized our product efforts for the past eight years! We are dedicated to continuing to innovate so we can support the important work that you do.

DFIR Show of the Year

Magnet Virtual Summit

Last year, the pandemic threw an unexpected curveball to our planned in-person Magnet User Summit events. Committed to still providing our great line up of industry speakers and content to our customers (and through a little behind-the-scenes scrambling) we were happy to instead deliver the Magnet Virtual Summit — a free month-long event for the global DFIR community. And, while it didn’t replace seeing many of you in person, the silver lining was that it instead provided thousands of examiners around the world the opportunity to come together as a unified community, to learn and share. We’re so thankful to all of our industry speakers for their flexibility, and to the many of you who joined us last May. And we’re excited to bring MVS back this year! (Register for free now if you haven’t already:

Cache Up

Throughout this past year, Jessica Hyde has been talking to some of the most fascinating people in the DFIR field on Cache Up — learning more about how they got started, where the see the industry going, and sharing their own insights into their success. Catch her live every Tuesday at 11:00AM ET on YouTube (or check out recordings on YouTube or the podcast app of your choice.)

DFIR Blog of the Year

D20 Forensics

Our Manager of Curriculum, Christopher Vance, has kept himself busy with his own blog where he’s shared some of his own great personal research in mobile forensics.

DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year

Magnet Forensics Training & Certification (MCFE)

The Magnet Forensics Training team is comprised of a dedicated group of trainers who have years of in-field experience as digital forensic examiners. They love sharing their real-world experiences and are motivated and humbled by the consistent positive feedback they hear from their students. They work tirelessly to continuously refine and expand course curriculum and are proud to offer multiple means of training delivery — Classroom Instructor-Led, Virtual Instructor-Led, or Online-Self Paced, all with the same high standards for an optimal student experience.

DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year/DFIR Mentor of the Year

Jessica Hyde

Magnet Forensics is proud of the many digital forensic examiners we employ in roles across the organization, who remain committed to helping the public safety community. 

Today, we’d like to call out Jessica Hyde for her tireless efforts to give back and provide mentorship. As our Director of Forensics, host of Cache Up, and a tireless advocate for all things DFIR, Jessica Hyde has made an incredible impact not only on social media (you can follow her on Twitter @B1N2H3X) but in the lives of many folks who’ve been lucky enough to get to work with her on their research and investigations. (Shh don’t tell Jessica we’re highlighting her like this — she’d rather promote the work of others than her own, keep an eye out for her post offering her nominations for this year’s awards.)

So, from all of us here at Magnet Forensics, thank you for all the support! We hope we can count you to nominate us in this year’s awards and we’re excited to see the results. Get your nominations submitted here before May 14.

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