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Get Magnet AXIOM 3.6 for New Advanced Filters, Instagram Public Data, and Apple Updates


With Magnet AXIOM 3.6, we’ve introduced some great new features, including new advanced filters, Instagram public data acquisition, and updates to the support of some Apple products. Get AXIOM 3.6 within AXIOM or as a download over at the Customer Portal today!

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New Advanced Filtering Options

Within AXIOM 3.6, there are a number of new advanced filtering options, including the ability to perform advanced filtering with multiple search terms, proximity searches and include/exclude function. These will help you surface the data you need in your investigations that much quicker. For a deeper look, check out this video overview:

Instagram Public Data Acquisition​

Instagram boasts more than 500 million active users every day, which makes it a hard-to-ignore source of data for investigators. Now, you will be able to collect public-facing posts using a username or a hashtag — without requiring any user credentials — potentially uncovering additional leads in the case. Collect the post information, and associated media as artifacts, all within AXIOM. ​

File Signature Mismatch Artifact

The file signature mismatch artifact highlights files where the extension and the signature of a file don’t match each other. These files can contain material that someone was attempting to hide from an investigation that you may want to examine more closely when looking for evidence.​

For example, you may uncover an .mp3 that is actually a zip archive and see this in the file signature mismatch artifact. From there, you’d be able to export it in order to see if the suspect had been hiding files inside of this archive. ​

Now with Support for iOS 13

With the launch of iOS 13, AXIOM 3.6 continues to support examinations of the latest iPhone OS!

Encrypted iOS Backup Enhancements​

You can now view the friendly files and paths as it appears in the iOS backups manifest in AXIOM Examine’s File System View — giving you the ability to look at the file as it was stored on the device rather than how it is displayed in the backup.​

iCloud Backup Recovery for Devices with 2FA ​

This release re-enables AXIOM Cloud’s ability to recover this data, providing a more complete view of the evidence available in a user’s iCloud account. ​At this time, this feature is only available for iOS 11 and 12 backups.​

Xiaomi & Huawei Backup Support​

Thanks to enhancements to the Android unlocked device workflow, you can now retrieve additional information from Xiaomi and Huawei devices by leveraging the on-board device backup mechanism. ​

New Artifacts

  • Evernote (iOS)
  • LinkedIn (iOS)
  • Waze (Android)
  • Safari Recently Closed Tabs (iOS)
  • DSStore (iOS)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (iOS)
  • KakaoTalk (iOS)
  • (iOS & Android)
  • Powerlog — Lock State (iOS)
  • Powerlog — Camera State (iOS)

Updated Artifacts

  • WhatsApp (iOS/Android)
  • Gmail (iOS/Android)
  • Shellbags (Windows)
  • iMessage (iOS)
  • Messenger (iOS)
  • Snapchat (iOS)
  • Telegram (iOS)
  • TextNow (Android)
  • WeChat (Android)
  • Firefox (Windows)


If you’re already using AXIOM, download AXIOM 3.6 over at the Customer Portal. If you want to see how AXIOM 3.6 can help you find the evidence that matters, request a free 30-day trial today!

If you’re interested in a new solution, purpose-built for organizations needing to perform remote acquisitions and collect & analyze evidence from computers, cloud services, and mobile devices, then find out more about our just announced beta program for our newest product: Magnet AXIOM Cyber.

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