Capture The Flag Contests at MVS & MUS 2023

Hi! This is Jessica Hyde and I am so excited to announce the plans for the upcoming Capture The Flag contests during our Magnet Virtual Summit this February and March and in-person Magnet User Summit event in Nashville in April.

This year we are creating TWO CTFs, each with unique different data sources and questions. I have been having a blast working with the amazing students Dylan Navarro, Alayna Cash, Lorena Castillo,  A’zariya Daniels, Austin Grupposo, and Thomas Claflin from the Champlain Digital Forensics Association building these CTFs.

What Are the Magnet Capture The Flag Contests?

These CTFs are gamified learning opportunities to test your skills with digital forensics challenges. Forensic images of multiple pieces of evidence are made available to participants along with a variety of challenge questions based on the data sets. Participants can use any tools they like to answer a variety of questions which range in point value depending on degree of difficulty.

These challenges are designed for all skill levels, from novice to advanced. We are so excited about the new images and questions that will be released! While the evidence for both CTFs covers the same scenario, participants of each CTF will see a different set of evidence and a different set of questions from a different user’s perspective. We can’t wait till you see what we have in store.

Capture The Flag Workshop

For those interested in learning tips and tricks for competing in either of the CTFs, I will be leading a hands-on workshop prior to both events to help folks prepare for the CTF with multi-CTF Champion Kevin Pagano. We will share tips and strategies on how to succeed in a CTF event. Be sure to check out this session if you are participating in either CTF. The online session will be on Wednesday Feb 22 at 9am ET or take the workshop live in Nashville during the Magnet User Summit.

Magnet Virtual Summit CTF

Wednesday March 1
11:00AM – 2:00PM ET

This event is open to all Magnet Virtual Summit attendees. Forensic images will be released to registrants the week before to allow time to download, process, and review evidence ahead of the event. This event is open to everyone worldwide. Register here to join in the fun!

Magnet User Summit In-Person CTF

Tuesday April 18
4:30PM-7:00PM CDT
Magnet User Summit, Nashville, TN

This event is open to pre-registered in-person attendees. Be sure to register early because space for the in-person event is limited. All those registered will receive access to the forensic images one week prior, to allow time to process and view the evidence ahead of the event. Winners of the in-person event will be announced live at the Customer Appreciation Event following the CTF.

2022 Magnet Summit CTF Creation Team (Left to Right: Jessica Hyde, Jordan Kimball, Hailey Froyo, Alana Cash, and Dylan Navarro)


First Place In-Person and Virtual:

  • SANS Netwars Continuous
  • Magnet First Place Prize Pack
  • Magnet CTF Challenge Coin

Second Place In-Person and Virtual:

  • Leahy Center Prize Pack
  • Magnet Second Place Prize Pack
  • Magnet CTF Challenge Coin

Third Place In-Person and Virtual

  • Magnet Third Place Prize Pack
  • Magnet CTF Challenge Coin

Just like previous years, if a perfect score is not obtained by the end of the Virtual CTF, an additional prize will be added for the first to finish!

Want to play? Register for the CTF as part of the Magnet Virtual Summit and Magnet User Summit. Be sure to register early as images will be released ahead of time to allow time for processing and advanced exploration. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter or Mastodon as I will be sharing posts that may contain helpful clues or references.

A special thank you once again to our fabulous CTF sponsors, SANS, Leahy Center, and the Champlain Digital Forensics Association. We look forward to seeing you at the Magnet Virtual Summit and Magnet User Summit CTFs.

Good luck, everyone!

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