Announcing the Fourth Annual Magnet Virtual Summit CTF!

Hi!  This is Jessica Hyde, Director of Forensics here at Magnet Forensics. I am really excited to share some information and maybe give some hints about the upcoming Capture the Flag (CTF) taking part at #MVS2021.

Once again, the Champlain College Digital Forensics Association is helping create this year’s CTF and I am so excited to be working again with Jordan Kimball and new to the team this year is Madi Brumbelow and Dylan Navarro.

And we are super excited about this year’s challenge!  For starters, we have included some data sources not seen in year’s past that we think will be both challenging and fun to explore. We even have left a few hints throughout this blog post to help you prepare. 

As in past years, the 2021 MVS CTF will be a live event on Wednesday May 12 from 4:00-7:00PM ET – so be sure to check your watch! There will be prizes for the top three places including the brand-new limited-edition Magnet Forensics CTF coin!

But this is not just a drive-thru CTF – in addition to prizes for the best score during the live event, there will also be a special prize for the first person to complete the CTF with a perfect score.

This challenge is being designed to be fun for folks of all skill levels and abilities! The CTF is a great learning experience and an opportunity to dig in deep. Don’t be Chikin – play the CTF and have fun and learn with the community!

We will be sharing the images and instructions to everyone who registers for the CTF as part of the MVS2021 registration at the beginning of MVS. Along with the forensic images, participants will have access to an AXIOM trial and a pre-processed case.

This is *not* a tool challenge and you can use any forensic tool you wish to participate in the CTF. For those who decide to use AXIOM, you may wish to do some post-processing to your case ahead of the CTF itself.

We did promise some hints, so I wanted to be sure to share some resources that may aid you in your analysis:

And did we mention prizes! We have some amazing surprise prize packs for individuals finishing first, second, third, and an additional prize for the person first to finish with a perfect score lined up from Champlain College’s Digital Forensic Association, Magnet Forensics, and more.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me at jessica.hyde@magnetforensics.com.  We can’t wait for your participation in this year’s CTF.

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