Easily access mobile evidence in the workplace

Employees are using mobile devices more than ever in the workplace. Accessing this evidence is crucial to see the whole picture of an investigation.

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Collecting and analyzing mobile evidence in the workplace

Join Trey Amick, Director of Forensic Consultants, as he takes you on an exciting journey into the world of mobile device forensics, where you will discover the combined power of Magnet VERAKEY and Magnet AXIOM Cyber. Together, these two tools empower users to access and extract full file system data from mobile devices, combine it with data from computer and cloud evidence, and then do a deep dive analysis.

Get All The Evidence You Need

Axiom Cyber

Bring together evidence from computer, cloud and mobile devices to easily analyze all your evidence.



Easily extract the data you need from mobile devices.

Get a holistic view of your entire case. Being able to get the evidence your team needs is critical to protecting business integrity and the trust of employees, partners, and clients.