The best way to train tomorrow’s digital forensic examiners is to use technology that gives them the scientific foundation they need to find truth.

Magnet Forensics’ Academic License Program is designed for qualified colleges, universities and high schools. With Magnet AXIOM, students learn about the basics of digital forensics including:

  • Digital forensic artifacts and how to locate them within any given system.
  • Different sources of evidence, such as mobile devices, the cloud, hard drives, system memory, and other locations; and how to acquire data from each.
  • How to use their knowledge to tackle new challenges in the digital forensics field.

No matter a student’s generation, the Magnet Academic License Program will increase the skilled use of digital forensic technology and prepare students for a career in either public or private sector environments.

The Magnet Forensics Academic License includes over 107GB of material including:

  • Access to AXIOM or AXIOM CYBER software
  • 30-Seat AXIOM Network License or Cloud License* – Intended for class/lab use
  • One AXIOM Complete dongle (instructor use) – Intended for course development only
  • Evidence files associated with lecture case:
    • Process captures as well as RAM captures
    • Apple iPhone and Samsung Android images
    • Android Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Multiple thumb drives
    • DJI Drone extraction
    • Cloud extractions (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Microsoft, Twitter, Tinder, iCloud, and Google Takeout)
  • Question pools prepopulated for ingestion into standard academic testing programs (in three different formats: content packaging, QTI, and Markup text)
  • Qualification to sit for the MCFE certification**
  • Student and Instructor Academic Curriculum Manuals (over 400 pages)
  • One AXIOM Examinations training seat voucher – For instructor use only

*If you require more than 30 seats, you must purchase an additional bundle.

**If professor renders roster to Magnet Forensics to keep track of eligible students.

Eligibility for Participation:

  • 501(c)(3) status or equal status within national government rules
  • Conferring a 2- or 4-year degree, and accredited to do so through nationally recognized, credible system (at Magnet Forensics’ discretion)
  • Managed by a board of trustees
  • Not part of any national, state or local government entity such as military or police academies