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Using Keyword Lists in Magnet OUTRIDER

    One of the reasons OUTRIDER is so fast is because it relies on a keyword list that quickly scans the device for common words in CSAM file names.

    The “keywords.txt” file included in the OUTRIDER folder contains over 140 keywords. To edit the keyword list, you can simply add new keywords to the text file, one keyword per line. Or you can import your own keyword list that you may be using already.

    In addition to the customizable keyword list, OUTRIDER uses Child Rescue Coalition technology, Neula, which quickly detects fragmented pieces of illegal content and has block hashing technology as a core component.

    Import a Keyword List or NCMEC Report Data

    You can load custom keywords, regular expressions, or NCMEC report data in Magnet OUTRIDER.

    Keywords and regular expressions must be in .txt files and each keyword or regular expression must be on a separate line. NCMEC CyberTip reports must be .xml files.

    1. In the Template set up, click Add Keyword List, Add Regex Keyword List or Add NCMEC Data.
    2. Browse to the file you want to import. 
    3. Click Open
    4. Follow the on-screen-instructions. 

    Tip: On the USB drive where Magnet OUTRIDER is installed, you also have the option to add or remove keywords or regular expressions from the .txt file or any other .txt file in the MagnetOutrider\keywords or MagnetOutrider\keywords-regex folders. Any changes that you make to these files will be automatically loaded to Magnet OUTRIDER. 

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