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New Magnet Forensics Artifact Exchange is Open

Forensic Community Can Now Upload and Download Custom-Built Artifacts

Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for smartphone and computer examinations, today launched its Artifact Exchange. The Artifact Exchange is an online community for forensics professionals who want to share custom-made artifacts with each other.

With the growing volumes of computer and smartphone applications available, there is more data being collected and shared than ever before. Digital forensics professionals need to find ways to access that data from lawfully accessed devices as part of criminal investigations. The Artifact Exchange is a great way for the community to help each supplement the number of artifacts available to use in a Magnet AXIOM case.

Magnet AXIOM, a complete digital investigation platform, continues to support new and existing applications and artifacts. AXIOM embraces an artifacts-first approach and brings together smartphone and computer evidence into one case file for better examinations. In the last 12 months, support for more than 207 applications has been added, including support for FitBit, the Amazon Alexa application, OnStar artifacts, Nest, Android-based watches and more.

“The forensics community is known for helping each other, providing guidance, support and resources to make sure their peers have access to all the tools they need to work through their investigations. We wanted to make sure that the community could help AXIOM users access artifacts that we do not yet support,” said Geoff MacGillivray, Vice President of Product Management at Magnet Forensics. “The community response has already been enthusiastic and we can’t wait to see the artifacts that people are going to share.”

More Than 50 Artifacts Available

The Artifact Exchange launches with more than 50 applications available, and each of those applications can recover several artifacts. The artifacts and applications available in the Artifact Exchange leverage the Magnet AXIOM API to seamlessly integrate artifacts into AXIOM cases using the Custom Artifacts feature.

To upload artifacts, examiners simply build artifacts using Python or XML, with simple-to-use templates available within AXIOM. They can then choose to log in and upload those artifacts to the Artifact Exchange for use by the forensics community. AXIOM’s support of Python and XML will allow examiners to easily port artifacts they have built for other platforms or build net-new artifacts that recover data from various functions of an app, such as messages, location, time stamps, and more.

For more information, visit the Artifact Exchange information page, or read our blog about the launch.

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