If you’ve been thinking about purchasing Magnet AXIOM, now is the perfect time. We’re offering special discounts until September 30th when you purchase AXIOM and training, which will give you the opportunity to seamlessly acquire, analyze, and share digital evidence from computers, smartphones, and tablets and work the whole case.

We’re offering the bundles listed below until September 30th — so don’t miss out! Fill out the form on the right and a Magnet Forensics representative will follow up with you to complete your purchase.

Bundle 1: Purchase AXIOM Complete together with AXIOM Examinations or Forensic Fundamentals for up to $1,000 off

Bundle 2: Save when you upgrade from Magnet IEF to AXIOM Complete and purchase training*

Purchase AXIOM to explore evidence in greater depth and integrate digital data from multiple devices in one case. With AXIOM, your examinations will be better and more thorough – you will uncover facts quickly, validate your findings with ease, and share the meaning of your results clearly.

And by taking advantage of our four-day AXIOM Examinations course, you’ll not only get the chance to dig deeper into the software – you’ll be able to start using it in your investigations in a robust way, immediately. Our experts are ready to show you how to take advantage of all the benefits and features in our products.

If you’re new to the field of digital forensics, we are now offering Forensic Fundamentals, a beginner-level course designed for participants who are unfamiliar with the principles of digital forensics. This course uses Magnet AXIOM to demonstrate the core concepts of processing and examining evidence.

Offer Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer available between February 15, 2017 to September 30, 2017
  • Offer applicable to new Magnet AXIOM Complete license purchases and upgrades from IEF to AXIOM Complete (AXIOM Complete includes support for both smartphone AND computer digital forensics).
  • Not valid on renewals of current licenses.
  • Offer applicable to for AXIOM examinations (AX200) and Forensic Fundamentals (AX100) courses
  • *List price and sale price dependent on current Magnet IEF configuration.