Every case needs to analyze and review mobile data. Recover mobile evidence from the most sources.

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Powerful Acquisition and Ingestion for the Most Data

In addition to being able to acquire logical and physical images and bypass passwords on Android devices, AXIOM Mobile supports artifacts from JTAG and chip-off images and ingests images from Grayshift, Cellebrite, Oxygen Forensics, and more.

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Find More and Different Evidence

Thanks to the powerful carving within AXIOM Mobile, you can find more and different pictures, chat, and browser history. Additionally, you can easily present findings to non-technical stakeholders by showing pieces like rebuilt chat history.

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View All the Evidence in One Place

All your evidence from mobile, computer, and cloud sources can be analyzed in one case—bringing the relevant information together. And Case Dashboard provides a summary of your case, evidence sources, and forensic results, so you can jump right into areas of interest.

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“I worked on a case where a suspect turned over a phone and did not provide the passcode. We used another tool to perform the unlock, but were unsuccessful. The same mobile device was then taken to the lab, where we used AXIOM. The mobile device was unlocked and evidence was recovered from it that helped on the case.”

Esteban Fuentes, Computer Forensic Investigator
McAllen Police Department, Texas, United States

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