Cloud Capabilities

As more apps and services move to the cloud, it’s inevitable that investigations will lead to evidence that is stored there. Examiners need to rely on device back-ups, chat history, social media, and account information stored in the cloud to round out their investigations.

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Retrieve data from widely used services

Recover and Analyze Data From the Cloud

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Use AXIOM to get the most complete story using data from the cloud. Ingest warrant return packages, user-requested archive files (e.g. Google Takeout) in addition to publicly available information from Twitter and Instagram.

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Investigate the Corporate Cloud

AXIOM Cyber lets examiners access Office 365 and G Suite (and more) accounts with administrator credentials and selectively acquire evidence. Acquire evidence from Amazon S3 and EC2 as well as from Microsoft Azure virtual machines.

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AXIOM leverages and ingests third-party tokens and keychains from mobile devices, allowing investigators to access cloud and social media accounts without requiring a password.

Product: AXIOM

Use Magnet AXIOM to examine cloud evidence from widely used services — including warrant return packages from popular social media services and much more.

Product: AXIOM ;

Use Magnet AXIOM Cyber to investigate corporate cloud services like AWS S3 and EC2, MS Teams, and Slack, and use admin credentials to acquire data from Office 365, G Suite, and Box.

Product: AXIOM Cyber ;

“I use AXIOM for cloud collection and analysis. It makes triage fast and simple.”

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