As device encryption becomes more powerful, examiners need to rely on device back-ups, chat history, social media, and account information stored in the cloud.

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Recover and Analyze Data From the Cloud

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Find More Cloud Evidence

AXIOM is the only solution that leverages both computer and mobile artifacts when reviewing cloud data. This unique capability enables examiners to find more cloud evidence than other cloud forensics solutions.

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Investigate the Corporate Cloud

AXIOM Cloud lets examiners access Office 365 and G Suite (and more) accounts with administrator credentials and selectively acquire evidence. AXIOM Cloud preserves valuable metadata and recovers audit logs.

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AXIOM Cloud leverages and ingests third-party tokens and keychains from mobile devices, allowing investigators to access cloud and social media accounts without requiring a password.

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“I use AXIOM for cloud collection and analysis. It makes triage fast and simple.”

Brian Wolfinger, Executive
Wolfinger Forensics

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