We’re currently accepting submissions for presentations at Magnet Virtual Summit 2023.

Interested in presenting? Submit your abstract and bio below.


Present to Attendees Worldwide

The Magnet Virtual Summit will be taking place between February 21 – March 2 , 2023 and will be a special opportunity to share your DFIR knowledge with people everywhere—and of all experience levels. Each year we see a wide variety of topics presented, so submit anything you feel would be of value to the community. 

We’ll also be in Nashville from April 17-19 for the Magnet User Summit. If you’re thinking of attending and want to present to Magnet users, feel free to select that option in your application. 

Topics to Inspire Your Submission:

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  • Digital forensics automation & orchestration 
  • Digital evidence review  
  • Acquisition of data from cloud sources 
  • Correlating data points from multiple data sources  
  • Forensics video recovery 
  • Vehicle forensics  
  • Drone forensics  
  • IoT  
  • Mobile investigations 
  • Analytics and report building in modern investigations 
  • Getting to evidence of value faster 
  • Case studies demonstrating workflows 
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  • Incident response investigations 
  • Lab virtualization
  • Linux investigations
  • Supporting eDiscovery
  • Memory
  • Malware and ransomware
  • Investigating cloud breaches  
  • Governance, risk management and compliance
  • Triage   
  • Industry use cases  
  • Situations unique to Forensic Service Providers 
  • Critical infrastructure  

Submit to the Magnet User Summit Call for Papers (CFP)

Interested in filling one of our available 30 or 50 minute slots? Any qualified industry professional is welcome to submit a proposal and all ideas are welcome—including DFIR talks that don’t include our products. Our goal for this event is to be relevant to the industry, with general interest talks that help investigators from diverse backgrounds, roles, and locations. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at magnetvirtualsummit@magnetforensics.com.