Recover and analyze video and metadata from a variety of sources, including DVRs, cloud, as well as proprietary and open video files.

Magnet WITNESS is an all-in-one desktop tool that enables investigators to recover and review video evidence, from a variety of sources in a single case file, offering a 360* view of an investigation.

WITNESS is being offered as an open beta to anyone in law enforcement or forensics. We are hoping to learn from users who can help us refine WITNESS, ensuring that we deliver a premium video forensics product.

You can request access to the WITNESS open beta by filling out the form below. In order to use it, your access needs to be approved.

Cloud Sources

Ingest video from cloud surveillance systems (like Ring) directly, utilizing the owner’s login credentials.

Video Files

Ingest native and open video files acquired outside of WITNESS (native DVR exports, dash camera exports, body camera exports).

DVR Hard Drives

Ingest data directly from DVR hard drives and forensic image files without requiring the DVR password or even a functioning DVR system.

Synchronized Playback

Review of up to four video clips from multiple sources in a single, synchronized interface, creating a timeline view of the incident with matrix preview.

Bookmarks & Tagging

Highlight video clips, segments, or specific frames with items or incidents of interest and add detailed notes and reporting to provide deeper analysis.

Enhanced Interface

The enhanced interface of WITNESS seamlessly integrates with our existing suite of Magnet products, ensuring a familiar and consistent look and feel for our customers.


Try Magnet WITNESS

To request access to Magnet WITNESS Open Beta, fill out the form below.