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Magnet REVIEW: Securely Collaborate & Empower Investigators

This webinar is scheduled in the Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone

Shipping sensitive evidence on USB drives or requiring investigators to travel to the lab can waste critical investigation time and may introduce security risks. Plus, training investigators to use multiple tools for the same task can be overwhelming for them and frustrating for your team, as everyone struggles to keep up with the increasing volume of cases requiring a digital investigation.

Your investigation solutions should work with you and your team, enable efficient collaboration and relieve the burden on your digital forensics team. 

Join Cody Bryant, Director of Product Management, Nicole Davis, Senior Product Manager, and Trey Amick, Director of Forensic Consultants, to learn more about how Magnet REVIEW enables secure collaboration, and empowers non-technical investigators to review their case evidence, from anywhere with an internet connection, all in one platform. Learn about the benefits of Magnet REVIEW, including a live demo and time for Q&A.


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Live Webinar:

  • Wednesday, August 25, 2021
    11:30AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

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