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Key Findings from Magnet Forensics’ Annual Survey of Enterprise DFIR Professionals

Enterprise DFIR teams are experiencing a fundamental shift in the technology and data that they need to analyze: hybrid and remote work are now the norm and the volume of audio and video files are expanding with the shift to remote meetings. Data keeps expanding while threat actors are becoming more sophisticated. These things come together and create a dynamic new environment that DFIR practitioners must adapt to.  

Join IDC’s Ryan O’Leary, Research Manager, Privacy and Legal Technology and Trey Amick, Director, Forensic Consultants, Magnet Forensics to review the key findings from the 2022 DFIR Professional Study and discuss the benefits of addressing technical challenges faced by DFIR teams today and in the future.

Topics covered will include: 

  • Highlights of Magnet Forensics’ 2022 DFIR Professional Study, presented by Ryan O’Leary: 
    • Challenges highlighted by DFIR Professionals in the Study 
    • The solutions DFIR Professional need to address their challenges 
    • Industry specific DFIR perspectives for Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology 
  • Business impact of addressing DFIR challenges
  • Future DFIR challenges and ways in which technology needs to advance to keep up 

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