Keeping Up With the Changing Cybersecurity Landscape using Magnet IGNITE and YARA Rules

With the changing landscape of cybersecurity threats targeting business, DFIR teams need to be equipped to quickly assess an incident and determine the required course of action. Magnet IGNITE is a versatile cloud-based compromise assessment tool which has recently been updated with the ability to perform live scans using YARA rules to help identify the latest threats.

In this webinar, Magnet Forensics’ Doug Metz and Michael Nelson of CYBIR discuss some of the latest Cyberthreat trends they have observed as well as how Magnet IGNITE with YARA rules can be used to address a range of persistent and emerging applications. The webinar will also include a real-world application of Magnet IGNITE with YARA rules using a proxy shell exploit investigation previously conducted by CYBIR.

Doug Metz
Professional Services Consultant, Magnet Forensics
Michael Nelson
Managing Partner, CYBIR
20 Min.

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