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Dropbox Decryptor: What does it do?

Dropbox® Decryptor (v1.3 released June 23, 2014) from Magnet Forensics is a free tool that will decrypt the Dropbox filecache.dbx and config.dbx files, which are both encrypted SQLite databases. These two locations store information about files that have been synched to the cloud using Dropbox. Once decrypted by Dropbox Decryptor, the files are easily viewable in any SQLite browser.

With your free copy of Dropbox Decryptor, you’ll get access to:

  • Decryption of the filecache.dbx database:
    • Contains a list of files that have been synced to Dropbox including a great deal of metadata pertaining to those files
  • Decryption of the config.dbx database:
    • Registered email address of the Dropbox user (needed when requesting data from Dropbox through a legal request)
    • List of recently changed files
    • Host ID
    • Local path to the user’s Dropbox folder.

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