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Cloud Forensics for Law Enforcement: How to Use Cloud Data When there is Hardly any Regulation

Evidence stored in servers belonging to service providers like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google can be crucial in a law enforcement investigation. It is often also among the hardest to acquire. Even when submit a preservation letter and you get a warrant to force a provider to return data, collecting the data into a normalized, easy-to-analyze format can be tricky. Legal or procedural concerns, or simply a focus on device storage, prevent many investigators from obtaining Cloud data.

But what about consent and how far does that take you? And what about using publicly available data? Join DataExpert and Magnet Forensics to learn what’s possible from a procedural standpoint so that you can turn obstacles into opportunities. You will also see when to use consent to collect Cloud data as well as utilizing warrant return support and “Download Your Information” features for many Cloud services. We’ll describe how to ingest data into Magnet AXIOM and use commercial innovations to save time during investigations. We’ll also discuss how to acquire photos from Twitter without requiring user credentials, and features such as Magnet.AI that can help you identify key pieces of evidence.


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Live Webinar:

  • Wednesday, September 9, 2020
    15:00 CEST / Amsterdam Time

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