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Better Together: Streamline Your iOS Investigations with Magnet AXIOM & GrayKey

In this session, attendees will learn how to maximize the workflow between the GrayKey and Magnet AXIOM software solutions. Hands-on demonstrations will explore the latest versions of iOS to help understand what information is available, level of data protection, and explore file-system specific artifacts. We will cover how to use the extracted keychain information to bolster your investigations by tracking information that can allow access to cloud services as well as encrypted application data on the local iOS device. File-system specific artifacts like KnowledgeC, PowerLog, and Location data will be explored as well as how these artifacts can lend incredible supporting evidence to a case by using real-world examples.

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GrayKey labs are restricted to law enforcement and government attendees only. Please note that all submissions are being validated and approved by Grayshift. If you are approved, you will receive the joining details 24 hours before the session starts.


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