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News Release: SANS Webcast – Recovering Data You May Be Missing

The days of being able to rely exclusively on standard mobile artifacts like call logs, SMS, contacts, MMS for evidence are ending. The explosion in usage of smartphones that are loaded with 3rd party mobile apps for messaging/chat, social media, webmail, and cloud storage has created both a challenge and an opportunity for mobile forensics professionals. While these apps can be a goldmine for capturing evidence, the challenge of recovering mobile app data is significant.

SANS and Magnet Forensics have teamed up to discuss mobile forensics trends and challenges, and to demo Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) Advanced – the powerful evidence search, recovery and analysis tool that parses and carves for Internet-related artifacts in allocated and unallocated space on computers and mobile devices.

Watch the webinar and learn more about mobile forensics trends and challenges, and how you can recover data from your mobile device.